Bryan Cranston And Jessica Biel Getting Married Using All Kanye Lyrics Is The Greatest Soap Opera Ever

James Corden’s Late Late Show is renown for it’s viral sensation Carpool Karaoke but it just might have a new phenomenon on its hands. On the latest episode James was joined by superstars Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel and Giovanni Ribisi for what is most certainly the greatest soap opera of all time: The Bold And The Lyrical, written by Kanye West.

The premise was simple but effective: Cranston and Biel star in a short soap where all of the dialogue is Kanye West lyrics. Sure, Cranston throws a little Drake in there by mistake, and there are some liberties, but that’s all forgiven when Cranston is blurting out “I made that b*tch famous,” as Corden tries to woo Biel off of the altar, only for Corden and Biel to abruptly stop him from going to Hennessy Yeezy on them: “You don’t want to take on that squad, believe me,” Corden deadpans.

Another great moment is when Biel chastises Corden for his lateness and he reminds her “You should be honored by my lateness, that I would even show up for this fake sh*t.” Oh, and every single face Reggie Watts makes all throughout.

Eventually Ribisi bursts in, and tries to woo Biel as well. It all makes for a hilarious four minutes of television, and if Corden and the powers that be at the Late Late Show know what’s best this will become a weekly segment.