Buddy’s 808-Heavy New Single, ‘Type Of Sh*t’ With Wiz Khalifa Is An Ode To The Finer Things In Life

08.18.17 2 years ago

Buddy continues his Magnolia rollout with a new song featuring Wiz Khalifa, “Type Of Sh*t.” Given the choice of guest rapper and the title, you can probably guess what this particular spacey, 808-heavy single is about — weed, women, and alcoholic beverages.

Buddy also shared more details of his upcoming, Mike & Keys-produced EP, Magnolia, which he announced last week with the release of the first single, “That Much.” Like his previous EP, Ocean & Montana with Kaytranada, Buddy will be working with only one producer for Magnolia — actually a production unit, in this case — in Mike & Keys, formerly known as The Futuristiks.

“I got hella songs I’ve made that have never been heard,” he said of the time he’s been recording since being taken under Pharrell Williams’ wing at the age of 18, “The first time I put out music, I was just rushing.” Now though, he says he’s slowed down and has expanded his world from Compton, California, which has in turn expanded his musical range. “Every time I get off the freeway in Compton, it’s a damn fire truck or a damn police car pulling somebody over. Sirens, all of that. The roads still got hella potholes. People are still standing around doing nothing, gangbanging. You could still potentially get robbed when you walk around the corner. (Now) I’m in a position where I’m not just picking up one energy from one location, I’m moving a lot.”

Magnolia is due August 25, through Buddy’s own Cool Lil Company. Check out “Type Of Sh*t” above.

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