Watch Bun B Of UGK Confront A Trump Supporter Who Flipped Him Off

If you haven’t been living under a post-racial rock, you’d know tensions are soaring in America, especially after last weekend’s Nazi terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia. These are dire times, which will spur even the most laidback people to act out like they never have before. Take Bun B, one half of the legendary hip-hop duo UGK, and one of the coolest people in rap. Bun B may have shown off his pearly whites in a Rembrandt commercial, but don’t take that bright smile for weakness.

As one pro-Trump demonstrator learned recently, that smile will disappear real fast if you disrespect him. Footage has popped up of Bun B confronting a Trump supporter, purportedly for giving him a middle finger. There’s not much context to the clip, but it begins with Bun walking intently to the white man, who he appears to tell he will “f— up,” before letting him know he’s a college professor, and not any type of stereotype the racist may have had of him. The men immediately deflect Bun B’s words, telling him to “read a book.”

More demonstrators and police intervene before their confrontation got physical, but from the look in Bun B’s eyes, it seems like he was willing to go there if the white man repeated his actions.

Over time, POC have developed a range of approaches to racist acts. Some may have resiliently shrugged off the Trump supporter as inconsequential. Some may have prayed for him or even tried to hug him. But others may identify with Bun B, who clearly felt like you have to meet racists where they are — literally. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to channel his inner Pimp C. A curt “f— you and everything you stand for” would have been a pretty appropriate response too.