Cam’ron Responds To Mase With ‘Dinner Time’ But His Fans Aren’t Feeling It

Cam’ron has responded to Mase’s “The Oracle” diss record, but its overwhelming reception online means round one goes to Pastor Betha. After poking the bear one too many times on his new mixtape, The Program, Cam’ron fails to deliver on “Dinner Time” with below-par production value and played-out homophobia and the internet is letting him hear about it. While he was able to beat Meek Mill’s turnaround time in Meek’s beef with Drake, unfortunately, this seems to be a case where a little more patience may have been warranted.

A number of fans have compared the audio quality to any variety of unmodern recording techniques, from Cam spitting his bars through two tin cans on a string to his recording on a Sega Dreamcast, and the jokes are still flying. While Cam was able to pull up a few old happenings from the Harlem pair’s 30-year association, for the most part, fans have overlooked the bars and his return-fire disses thanks to the poor audio.

Fortunately for Cam’ron, his iconic status within rap is pretty much ironclad, affording him other avenues to maintain his relevance, such as his slick, black-on-black Reebok collaboration sneakers, and of course, his legacy as a trendsetting purveyor of the color pink as more gangsta than any other. If all else fails, he has shown himself to be a pretty decent investigative journalist, so a slot on a news show might not go amiss.

Check out some of the funnier responses to Cam’ron’s “Dinner Time” response to Mase below.