Cam’ron Reveals The Real Reason Jim Jones Was Crying On Flex’s Show

If you weren’t one of the 50,000 people who tuned into Cam’ron’s Instagram Live video Saturday night, then you obviously have a life. But you missed one helluva story that took damn near three hours to tell and included a special guest live from federal prison. Lucky for you, this post won’t take three hours to read.

Last week, Jim Jones was on Funk Flex’s show and was literally crying about his relationship with Cam’ron and rattling off all the things he did for Cam even when Cam “doubted him.” Capo said he was Cam’s everything, from hypeman to manager to security. Cam’ron remembers things differently, however.

The Killa Season rapper said Jim was never his manager or his enforcer and contrary to Jimmy’s claims, he always supported him. In fact, he’s happy the rapper signed with Roc Nation. “Congrats to Jim and everyone at Roc Nation. I think Jim does deserve a fair chance. I hope he gets the shot he’s looking for,” Cam’ron said with a hint of sincerity. “But a lot of stuff he was saying was based on emotion and wasn’t true because he’s an emotional guy. I really hope Jim is successful and I wish him the best of luck.”

While they made lots of money together and The Diplomats blew up, their relationship turned sour when Jim Jones started dating Chrissy Lampkin and an emotional Jim couldn’t handle Cam’s jokes. Cam’ron said Jim was showering Chrissy with expensive gifts just two weeks into dating her. “Jim just met Chrissy and he’s buying her bags and shoes the first two or three weeks he met her. So I’m like, ‘Yo you trickin, man? What is you doing? You buggin.’”

A no chill Killa Cam decided to have fun at Jim’s expense, especially when they were just screwing groupies weeks before Jim fell for Chrissy. “I made these t-shirts and it said, ‘Tricky Ricky aka Jim Jones Is A Trick,'” Cam remembered. “At the time we had mad n*ggas in jail and I was sending them money and [Jim Jones] was not looking out for none of our n*ggas in jail. Back of the shirt had all our n*ggas in jail and I had called [Jim Jones] a trick. I wasn’t looking at it like that. I’m looking at it like that’s how we play. I wasn’t trying to disrespect him because I didn’t know their relationship was going to grow to be what it was.”

Cam said Jim Jones was big mad over the “Tricky Ricky” shirts. “Them shirts hurt. I had n*ggas wearing the shirts in the studio. Everybody was wearing the shirt. It was just a joke, but he took that shit serious, B. He took it serious,” Cam recalled. And it was all downhill from there. Suddenly, Jim was finding issues with the way Cam was handling business. “After I did that shirt, everything was downhill. And [Jim Jones] started acting like it’s the business. ‘Cam is robbing us. Cam ain’t this. Cam ain’t doing that.’ That’s when the sh*t fell out…after I made them shirts,” the 41-year-old entertainer revealed.

As for Jim’s waterworks, Cam says Capo is just an emotional guy who regularly cries. “He does things off emotion. Even when this is over, he’s gonna write some sh*t on the Instagram that’s emotional. He was crying on Love and Hip-Hop. That n*gga cries. I’m not dissing him. He didn’t just cry yesterday. He been crying because he’s emotional.” Friend and Love and Hip-Hop star Mendeecees Harris called from prison and confirmed Cam’s bit, recalling a time when Jim Jones was on his couch literally crying over a beef their wives were having that trickled down to Jim beefing with him.