Cardi B Dressed The Stage As A Bronx Bodega For Her BET Hip-Hop Awards Performance Of ‘Bodak Yellow’

Contributing Writer
10.10.17 8 Comments

Cardi B has owned 2017. She broke through with one of the biggest hits of the year and now she’s getting the victory lap she deserves at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. On the heels of two wins already thus far in the show — and spoiler alert, a few more before the night is over — Cardi took the stage to perform her No. 1 hit “Bodak Yellow” and she did not disappoint.

Cardi waltzed on stage in a huge, full-length fur coat with several patterns and colors, only to disrobe and reveal a stunning pink outfit complete a glistening top. She performed with the energy that has made her a household name and may have topped her MTV VMA performance on her big night. It’s a coronation of sorts for Cardi, and her first bit of award show recognition this year, even though it surely won’t be her last.

Nobody really knows what’s next for Cardi, as she has a rumored album on the way, but nobody is certain when. But with a hit massive enough to unseat Taylor Swift under her belt, the sky is the limit and if she has another hit like “Bodak” up her sleeve she just might never look back.

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