The Acoustic Cover Of Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’ That You Never Asked For Has Arrived

Contributing Writer
09.23.17 4 Comments

For rappers, it’s basically a rite of passage: If you make a song good enough, that gets big enough, some white person will grab their guitar and a camera and cover it with an acoustic version on Youtube. For Cardi B, her smash hit “Bodak Yellow” checks all of those boxes as the song is obviously a flame-emoji banger and is projected to top Billboard’s Hot 100 songs chart soon, and now she officially has her acoustic cover.

Youtuber Daniel Aaron has a moderate following with over 16,000 subscribers, but when he did his cover of “Bodak Yellow” back in August it hardly moved the needle. Now, with Cardi’s hit surging towards the top of the chart the cover has made some headway, and eventually caught the attention of The Grapevine earlier this week. And the cover? Well, it’s not so bad, but it does invoke the spirit of this incredible tweet from Kamaiyah: What in gentrification?

It’s not that the cover is bad, it’s actually just fine, Daniel has a good enough voice and the strums of his guitar are on point. In fact, hearing him rap lines like “I might just chill with your bae, I might just feel on your boo,” is humorous and entertaining, but the world didn’t really need this version of “Bodak Yellow,” when the original is more than enough. But here we are, and with as humble and appreciative of her success as Cardi has been, it’s likely she’ll enjoy this version as well.

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