Cardi B Is So Popular Right Now That Her Dentist’s Business Has Tripled Since ‘Bodak Yellow’

Cardi B may be the biggest name in hip-hop right now (if “Bodak Yellow” topping the charts is any indication), but she’s still a person, and that means that, like everybody reading this, she has things she’s self-conscious about. For a while, Cardi B used to get made fun of for her teeth, so she went and got them fixed by Dr. Catrise Austin, whose other famous clientele includes DJ Khaled, ASAP Rocky, Paula Abdul, and others.

Now her teeth look great, and Cardi was so pleased with Dr. Austin’s work that she gave her a shout-out in “Bodak Yellow,” rapping, “I’m the hottest in the street, know you prolly heard of me / Got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you hoes know it ain’t cheap.” Those props actually turned out to be pretty significant for Dr. Austin, who recently said that since the song blew up, her business has tripled.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Dr. Austin says that a lot of new patients have come to her after Googling who Cardi B’s dentist is:

“Just this week I’ve gotten so many calls because people actually wonder who is Cardi B’s dentist. My business has literally tripled and I have seen so many types of people from college students to the retired police officers. These are people who have been wanting to do smiles, but Cardi B has totally inspired a lot of people to improve their smiles, which really changes your life.”

In a video testimonial posted by Dr. Austin (above), Cardi B gives her a glowing endorsement, saying that fellow artists recommended she get her dental work done with the dentist:

“If you don’t feel comfortable, if you are tired of people talking about you, then go and fix it. It’s alright to fix it, and why not go to the best? I personally recommend Dr. Catrise: Not only did practically half of Hollywood [go to] her […] she’s truly the best. She’s truly the best.”

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