Cardi B Responds To Nicki Minaj’s $100K Offer: ‘You Lie So Much You Can’t Keep Up With Your Lies’

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Cardi B is not happy with Nicki Minaj at all. After Nicki used today’s Queen Radio show to offer $100K for footage proving that Rahsheeda Ali put the knot on Cardi’s head during their NYFW altercation (the one wherein Cardi used a shoe as a projectile), Cardi B took to her own favorite outlet, Instagram, to say her piece.

While Cardi had fallen back from the social media antics that intially made her famous — and got her in trouble on more than one occasion — she clearly couldn’t take much more provocation from her rap rival, turning on her beloved selfie mode to go on a rant spanning multiple posts to unload about Nicki’s perceived duplicity. She challenged Nicki’s equivocation on whether she was “mortified” victim or “bad guy” Chun-Li (who is still actually the good guy in Street Fighter), saying, “You lie so much you can’t even keep up with your lies.”

Cardi also defended her own narrative of the night, that she was bumped in the head by a security guard while Nicki cowered in a corner, by saying, “Why would be here, sitting and lying… knowing that the next day there was gonna be so much footage of the same night?”

She also relitigated the “Motorsport” controversy in which Nicki claims Atlantic Records called her to force her to change her verse, explaining that Cardi herself did request for Nicki to change the verse to remove the implication that she was Cardi’s “coach” and was in a superior position to Cardi. Cardi also seems miffed that Nicki refused to call her and instead took her issues to Zane Lowe. She also addressed the fact that her phone number was “leaked” to the Barbz, who attacked her via text, which was revealed over the weekend by her sister.

As the beef between the two continues to escalate, it’s becoming more and more sure that this particular rap feud is the most vocal one of 2018 yet. The full multi-post rant can be viewed below.