Cardi B’s Year Of Wins Continues With A New ‘Rolling Stone’ Cover Coming Soon

Simply put, Cardi B has won 2017. She’s been busy living her best life, having her best year and nothing is slowing her down. She’s met Beyonce, gotten engaged, topped Billboard‘s Hot 100 with her record-breaking single “Bodak Yellow,” and basically become the symbol for all things right about 2017. Now, Cardi is adding a new achievement to her already stuffed list as she’s set to cover Rolling Stone‘s Hot Issue this month.

No details are known about the cover, or the profile that’s sure to come with it, but it’s just one more win for Cards in a long series of them so far this year. At this point, Cardi’s humble beginnings and strip club and reality show past are a thing of ffolklore and it’s what makes her so endearing to her fans, but the story of her current life still remains untold, including may details of her relationship with Offset from the Migos.

Given Cardi recently tweeting that fame is “overwhelming & draining,” it would be interesting to hear that perspective of Cardi’s astronomical and seemingly overnight launch into superstardom. Whatever the case, it’s amazing just to Cardi bestowed this prestigious honor, but in an issue dedicated to what’s “Hot” in 2017, there’s no more deserving person than Cardi B right now.