Cardi B, Snoop, And Chris Evans Join The Celebrities Reaching Out To Bullied Teen Keaton Jones

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From a horrible, terrible situation in which a teen boy’s bullying led him to a tearful plea for people to stop being so mean, comes some redemption for the human race in a reminder that the bullied won’t be stepped on forever. Keaton Jones went viral after his mother filmed him wondering why he was being constantly made fun of at school, and the video has led to nearly the entirety of the WWE roster reaching out to the young man in addition to NFL teams and the UFC.

Now, it’s the music industry and Hollywood’s turn, with everyone from Snoop Dogg asking the Tennessee teen to contact him via DM, to Cardi B ranting against bullying after saying she spent the night in tears following a viewing of the video. Many people throughout the hip-hop world have shared the heartbreaking video to spread an anti-bullying message, and it’s reached a viral status few moments ever see, which has led to a college tuition GoFundMe that’s reached over $40,000 in a day.

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