Cardi B Has A Few Questions For The IRS About Where All Her New Money Is Going

Cardi B had a stellar 2017 with the success of “Bodak Yellow,” numerous hit features, and business partnerships, which means she’s making a lot more money than she did when she was dancing for dollars. It’s probably safe to say that she’s gone up a couple of tax brackets and now, she has a few questions for Uncle Sam about how her 40 percent is being spent.

“When you donate to a kid from a foreign country, they give you updates of what you’re doing with that donation,” she notes, comparing that off-the-top tax money to charities like Amnesty International’s child sponsorship program. “I want to know what you’re doing with my f*cking tax money.”

Cardi proudly reps her New Yorker status, but complains that “the streets is always dirty. We was voted the dirtiest city in America,” and that “there’s still rats on the damn train.” She also declares, “I know y’all not spending it on no damn prison, because y’all be giving n—as like two underwears and one jumpsuit for five months.”

She concludes her tirade by angrily stating “I want receipts!”

While city, state, and federal budgets are all separate as well as being public record, Cardi may be correct in looking for some sort of breakdown on just what the money is being spent on. Those budgets tend to include a lot of fat and holding politicians accountable will never be a bad thing. While Cardi may be a little more coarse than a Chance The Rapper, she’s got the right idea. By the way, the tax deadline this year is Tuesday, April 17. Don’t forget, because the IRS does not play.