Cassie’s ‘Love A Loser’ Video With G-Eazy Accompanies Her Self-Titled Short Film

Coming on the heels of her self-titled short film, Cassie has released the accompanying music video for “Love A Loser” with Oakland rapper G-Eazy. The film and the video, which uses scenes from the film, depicts a dead-end relationship between Cassie and her wastrel beau, who hit the road seeking to extend the shelf life of their doomed romance.

While it may not be based on a true story, Cassie and P. Diddy have had their differences; late in 2016, the police were called on the pair as they had a raucous argument. Given Diddy’s tendency to make a mess, it’s no wonder that a scene involving a similar dispute would make its way into the moody production that is Cassie.

The film is conceived as a continuation of the themes touched on in the music video for “Love A Loser.” Cassie wrote, directed, styled, and scored the film, was presented at screening events in Los Angeles and New York prior to its wide release online. Meanwhile, “Love A Loser” is produced by Ben Billions & Danny Boy, and is Cassie’s celebration of female independence and solidarity, with G-Eazy attached to provide a male counterpoint. For now, no project has been announced, but with a release this ambitious, it would be a shame if Cassie wasn’t already working on a followup.

Check out Cassie above and “Love A Loser” below.