CeeLo Green’s Gnarly Davidson Alter Ego Has The Hots For ‘Jay Z’s Girl’

If CeeLo Green’s new alter ego Gnarly Davidson is all part of a massive troll effort, then I’d say he’s doing a marvelous job up to this point. He’s just unleashed a new song titled “Jay Z’s Girl” that should definitely keep the conversation going for many different reasons.

The video features a little person stand-in who looks a whole damn lot like CeeLo doing a karaoke performance while the singer’s vocals boom out this new Jay Z-and-Beyonce-inspired number, taking its tune from Rick Springfield’s ’80s hit “Jessie’s Girl.” It’s one of those songs and videos where that require pressing play to get the full effect of how comical it is, but here are a few of the lyrics where CeeLo, or Gnarly Davidson rather, sings about studying the moves of Hov and Bey. And Solange, too, because why the hell not?

“He’s got all the cash,
All I got is a pocketful of ones
But I’m watching the game,
Soaking it up like a sponge
Yeah, she’s cute,
But it just won’t be the same with Solange”

First, the Ferrero Rocher outfit at the Grammys that had everyone chirping and now a new song and video dedicated to the very happily married Carters and their extended family, too? Yeah, CeeLo’s either lost or him and “Weird Al” Yankovic are somewhere cracking up over a few drinks at all the chaos and comedy this guy’s creating right now.