Chance The Rapper’s New Bathtub Playlist Is Here To Give You Life

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There are always music playlists out there for routine activities like the gym and pregame parties and themed ones for the different seasons like the holiday and cuffing season ones that come around this time of year. But when’s the last time anyone cued up a bathtub playlist? If you haven’t, Chance The Rapper’s got the solution with a curated group of songs meant for a hot-soaking moment in the tub.

“I been neglecting myself, not taking care of me,” he wrote on Twitter. “I take a shower everyday. But when is it Bath time? Now.”

He continued, “Enjoy a bath once in a while. I made this playlist. Get in the tub, press shuffle and treat yourself.”

Chano didn’t specify that the playlist, simply titled ‘Yup,’ was created with men in mind — although women can obviously zone out with it, too — yet it makes practical sense. Most women do take baths while a majority men probably haven’t found themselves stretched out in the bathtub since elementary school. Life is stressful so any time so guys should find ways and time to relax whenever opportunities come along.

The actual songs included run the gamut from Young Thug and Solange to friends of Chance in Francis and the Lights and Migos. He also throws in a bit of praise music from Smokie Norful and Kirk Franklin plus a personal favorite of mine, Gregory Porter’s “Be Good (Lion’s Song),” that was a surprise to see included. Oh yeah, he added a couple of his own tunes because why the hell not. He’s controlling the proverbial aux cord in this situation so it’s his call.

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Fans seemed to take to the idea and started shouting out their thank you messages on Twitter in response. “@chancetherapper’s new playlist is so fire I’m not even gonna get out of the tub,” one user wrote. Another must have really been in need because sent Chance a message that read “your new playlist deserve a grammy.” That may be stretching it a bit, but don’t be shy about going to Twitter and thanking Chano yourself.