Chance The Rapper Finally Meets Eminem, Who Tries To Help Him Pick A Better Name

Chance The Rapper famously said that he would love to spend more time around Drake, and while that hasn’t happened just yet (that we know of), he did get a nifty consolation prize in finally getting to meet Eminem to cut promos for their upcoming Saturday Night Live appearance along with Leslie Jones.

Of course, his nom de plume causes at least a little confusion, given that Eminem is also a rapper so Eminem and Leslie recommend a few replacements. Jones also insinuates having naughty dreams about the lyrical duo and asks Eminem (through Chance) why he keeps turning down her battle rap challenge. The answer may surprise you.

Among the names suggested, Chance could change his name to “Chance The Hottie,” “Chance The Poet,” “Chance Encounter,” or “Chance The Triple Threat.” None are really as good as ours, but I’d pay money to see a “Chancer The Dancer” show. Chance Encounter would probably work best as a musical name — after all, fellow Chicago MC Common went by “Common Sense” for a few years before legal trouble made him change it. All the same, it’s probably best Chance stick with his current descriptor. For some reason, it just fits.

Saturday night’s hosting gig will mark the first time Chance has appeared on a late-night show without a musical appearance, but with Eminem covering musical duties, we’ll get an early glimpse of Chance’s comedy and acting chops, which will be on full display in his upcoming horror-comedy film Slice.