Chance The Rapper Is Looking For An Intern — Could It Be You?

03.27.17 2 years ago

Would you like to gain some highly valuable, real world experience working for one of the biggest, most-beloved rap artists in the music world today? If so, you’re in luck! Chance The Rapper took to social media today, putting out an open call, looking for interns that can help him put together decks and write proposals.

Chance didn’t really elaborate on what kinds of decks and proposals that you’d be working on, but it’s safe to assume that it might have something to do with his recent push into the realm of public school funding. The Chicago native made major headlines all across the World recently when he made a jaw-dropping $1 million donation to the city’s public school system. It all stemmed from his meeting with the Governor of Illinois, where they discussed a funding gap that exceeds $200 million.

After their summit failed to produce any real results, leaving Chance himself more than frustrated and pleading with the State’s representatives to “Do your job,” he took matters into his own hands and reached into his own pockets. It’s moves like this that got him added to Fortune’s list of the World’s Greatest Leaders recently.

The application process isn’t readily apparent at the moment. Our best advice would be to jump into his mentions with a resume. Couldn’t hurt right?

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