Chance The Rapper Reimagined The Kit Kat Jingle In His Own Image

Combining some of your favorite things is often a rewarding experience. We get cool crossovers that we weren’t expecting and then realize how badly we want it. The latest of these combos is Chance The Rapper and Kit Kat teaming up. The former wrote a new Halloween-themed jingle for the company as revealed through the candy’s official Twitter account.

Yesterday, the sole teaser featured Chance dressed up as a bear while wearing his signature “3” hats. Even cooler is the little Easter egg on the Kit Kat bar that has Chance’s face with “Chance The Wrapper” written on it. Unfortunately, he seems more like a joke for the upcoming commercial than an actual product. However, how amazing would it be to have a limited edition Chance Kit Kat? Maybe even just a “3” on each bar?

Sure, the original “Gimme a Break” Kit Kat jingle remains iconic, but Chance’s slowed down ballad-style take on the track is reminiscent of “Same Drugs” off Coloring Book, and, as he notes in the clip — “That’s a good song.” Watch it below.

Chance The Rapper is on such a hot streak for 2016. He’s been able to release the critically acclaimed Coloring Book, hold his own festival, start work on a joint-album with Kanye West, perform on Ellen, encourage his fans to sign up to vote on his tour, and so much more. There’s no doubt that Chance is one of the MVPs of music for this year. Scoring a candy collaboration just sweetens the deal.