Chance The Rapper Shaking Obama’s Hand Reminds Us What We’re Losing

Donald Trump is currently making his way to the White House while President Barack Obama is throwing last hurrahs left-and-right. It hits hard to know that we aren’t going to see any moments like this for quite a while. Chance The Rapper’s Instagram post of himself suited up and shaking hands with POTUS is merely the latest reminder of what we’re about to lose.

While the pose looks little stiff, Chano assured his followers that Obama maintained his title of coolest president ever by the time their interaction was over.

“This was a formal handshake in transition,” he said. “It ended very black.”

Even if Donald Trump turned out to be a secret fan of hip-hop culture — after all, he hung around the same circles as rich rappers throughout the ’90s and early ’00s — his campaign and recent appointment of Steve Bannon has left many minorities questioning what kind of president Trump will be. It seems unlikely that an artist like Chance would even accept an invitation to a Trump event. LeBron James has openly questioned whether or not he would visit a Trump White House, and he’s surely not alone.

In short, we just can’t see The Donald swag surfin’ any time soon. We’re gonna miss Obama when he’s gone.