Chance The Rapper, Quavo And Offset Spent Their Weekend Playing Basketball Together

For those unfamiliar, knockout is popular pick-up basketball game played in parks across America, and today, some of your own favorite hip-hop stars decided to participate in the game. Chance The Rapper, and two other members of the Migos — Offset and Quavo — entered into a friendly game of their own today. The rules are simple: Everyone lines up to shoot free throws, and whoever hits gets to go to the back of the line. Miss, and you need to chase down your rebound as quickly as possible, because the next shooter then has the chance to knock you out of the game by hitting theirs. Easy, right?

Chance and Quavo, who recently appeared together on DJ Khaled’s latest single, “I’m The One,” apparently had a little free time in their schedules this afternoon, leading to a friendly game with Offset, fellow Save Money rapper Reese and another surprising participant: NBA player Myles Turner, of the Indiana Pacers.

Quavo, who is fairly decent at throwing footballs into basketball hoops as well, doesn’t even take off his jewelry to shoot and has a pretty nice stroke on him too. He almost knocks out Turner before the lanky center barely beats the free throw with an easy dunk. It’s actually Reese who hits the jumper that bounces Chance out the game after the Grammy Award-winner nips the the front of the rim and has to chase his shot into the bushes. The game continues a bit below, but now the streets really need to know who won between Quavo and Myles.