Chance The Rapper Awkwardly Dances His Nerves Away In A New ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo

Chance The Rapper may be a rapper (as a recent jumbotron graphic thoroughly pointed out), but he’s also a bit of a renaissance man. He’s proven that he’s a pretty strong singer too, and he’s been trying his hand at acting recently, like in his upcoming movie Slice. Now he’s getting ready to take his talents to sketch comedy as he prepares to host the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, but as a recent promo video indicates, he might be a little nervous about it.

Thankfully, Beck Bennett is here to help: When Chance asks the SNL cast member how he’s going to be ready for Saturday, Bennett reassuringly tells him that just dancing it out might help. This bit of advice instantly progresses into a high-energy and red-tinted dance party that gradually welcomes Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, and other cast members.

Then things get real, meaning back to reality: The upbeat music and disco lighting was all in their heads, which becomes clear when Keenan Thompson walks be the action and just sees six people awkwardly dancing in a small room. “Smokin’ my stuff… smokin’ my stuff,” Thompson says as he shakes his head and removes himself from the situation.

This Saturday’s episode is going to be super hip-hop heavy, since Eminem is the musical guest. In the meantime, watch the clip above.