What Does It Mean If Chance The Rapper Starts Selling His Music?

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03.17.17 2 Comments

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Things change, that’s just how the world works, and the longer something goes on the more likely it is to experience some sort of change. It was three, long years ago when Chance The Rapper told Rolling Stone “I might not ever drop a for-sale project” and the word “might” and the future just about ensured that would indeed change. No matter how strong Chance’s morals are and how altruistic and good natured his intentions were, the chances — no pun intended — always were he would eventually charge something for his music.

So, when Chance told Complex “I think I might actually sell this album,” earlier this week, it should not have been a surprise to anybody. At the end of the day the music business is exactly that, a business, and the easiest way to make money off music is to sell it. As his profile continued to grow — and it has been skyrocketing — this was always where things were headed. Someone, whether it’s Chance himself, or a corporation, or some other outside force — was always going to want to capitalize on his growing popularity, and not just with concert and merchandise sales. To truly and maximize Chance’s earning potential everything was going to need a price tag, including the songs the world so lovingly covets.

But, why now?

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