Chance The Rapper Co-Wrote Three Upcoming ‘SNL’ Sketches, One With Help From Donald Glover

Chance The Rapper is hosting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, and it seems like he’s pretty excited to get as involved as he possibly can. In fact, he went on The Tonight Show last night, and told Jimmy Fallon that he came into the week with five sketches written, and three of them are going to make it to dress rehearsal, giving them a decent shot of appearing on the actual show:

“I wrote three sketches that will make it into the show… well, they’ll make it to dress rehearsal, so they could get pulled, Lorne [Michaels] could pull them last minute. But hopefully, as of right now, I got three sketches in the show.

I actually wrote five, I came here with five. I’m a huge fan of the show, and I know that when they bring in guest hosts, they usually come with a few ideas at least, especially if they’re into comedy, so I brought a few sketches by.”

For one of those sketches, he says he got an assist from a not-too-surprising source, somebody he’s worked with on multiple occasions in the past:

“One of them made it, [and] I actually got to give credit to my good friend Donald Glover, who helped me with the idea. He’s a great dude as well, but yeah, it’s a crazy thing to have people enjoy what I had to bring to the table.”

Glover has been so successful in recent years with his music as Childish Gambino and his FX show Atlanta that you’d be forgiven for forgetting that he got his start in comedy, and that he was very good at that too: Most famously, he was a writer on SNL alum Tina Fey’s 30 Rock, and one of the stars of Dan Harmon’s NBC series Community. Point being, Chance got help from the right person and this week’s SNL has the potential to be pretty great.

Watch Chance’s interview with Fallon above.