Chance The Rapper Himself Endorsed This Cheery Fake Chance Twitter Account’s Advice

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Chance The Rapper is generally a pretty positive person, and he’s well known for being a masterful user of social media.

He seems especially fond of Twitter, often tweeting upbeat and encouraging messages to fans, occasionally using the platform to make announcements like his now-infamous “Soundcloud is saved” post.

Twitter users have long had to beware retweeting their favorite public figures, though; the social platform is absolutely lousy with phony, fan-made, “parody” accounts impersonating stars and doling out generic, happy-go-lucky advice (also, I’m almost certain very few of those accounts’ creators actually know what “parody” means).

One classic example of this trope is @ChanceFrom79th, a Chance The Rapper “parody” account that has accumulated over 60,000 followers while tweeting out nuggets of “wisdom” like: “Sometimes you just gotta chill & vibe alone,” and “If your girl sticks around and gives you time to change.. that’s not love, that’s more than love.”

However, It looks like the real Chance The Rapper (Twitter handle: @ChanceTheRapper) himself is a fan. Rather than ignoring or shrugging off the faux-Chance account, he actually quoted one of its more popular posts, which is now the pinned tweet on its profile, writing, “I hereby Formally endorse this fake page.”

The tweet he quoted reads “Canceling plans to read is ok. Skipping a party for the gym is ok. Staying home to cook is ok. Let’s encourage it & respect self improvement,” which isn’t terrible bad advice, after all. Self-care has become a priority of many users online, as social media can occasionally take a negative toll with all the seemingly nonstop trolling.

Meanwhile, with Chance’s seal of approval, @ChanceFrom79th is experiencing a surge in popularity and will no doubt find a much larger audience for its usual musings on life and love.