Chance The Rapper Tells A Fan To ‘Eat A D*ck’ Several Times In A Lengthy Twitter Fight

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Chance The Rapper is known for his music and for his humanitarian efforts. The Chicago-bred rapper has shown selfless acts such as donating to public schools and finding a kidney for his aunt. However, Chance isn’t always as compassionate online, as proven by a Twitter fight on Wednesday with an ex-fan who accused him of having an inflated ego.

The Twitter user (and self-proclaimed ex-fan) expressed to Chance that he was disappointed in the way the rapper has responded to criticism over his newly released music. “People have different tastes and that’s fine but the way you’re talking to fans who’ve been with you since 10 day is disappointing and that ego reflects in the quality of your newest music,” he said.

Chance simply responded, “Eat a d*ck.”

The Twitter user responded to the low-brow insult with a comment about Chance’s religious beliefs. “It’s good to see that your daughter and relationship with God turned you into a good man instead of someone who can’t handle criticism.”

Another Twitter user joined in on the critique, making a note of how Chance responds to constructive criticism.

Chance finally responded with more than three words, but told the Twitter user to “eat a d*ck” again.

The Twitter user then become defensive, saying he never said Chance’s music was bad.

Chance once again responded with those three magical words.

The Twitter user then compared Chance to Kanye’s notoriously inflated ego.

Another user got involved in the argument, telling Chance his ego “doesn’t suit” him.

Chance pointed out the condescending nature of the response. “If I needed your help or taste to make music I would’ve called you everytime I hit the studio for advice,” he said.

Chance then ended the lengthy exchange by saying the argument wasn’t “that serious” because it was on the internet.

In other news, Chance is the executive producer in the upcoming Steven Universe movie. The movie will be a musical and pick up where the storyline left off in the series conclusion.