Chance The Rapper Convinced Young Thug To Premiere Their New Collaboration ‘Big B’s’ On SoundCloud

Chance the Rapper has had his hands full this week, playing the role of the phoenix bringing back Def Poetry Jam and SoundCloud from the dead, seemingly in a matter of hours. Chance was especially dogged about SoundCloud, and with reason, it’s the platform he used to elevate himself to superstar status and where his album Coloring Book was the most streamed album of all of 2017. So when Chano vowed to save SoundCloud from their financial woes, some may have laughed the notion off but most took it serious and he kept his promise.

But Chance wasn’t done for the day, instead he turned to a friend and collaborator to bring something big to the platform before the weekend. Late in the day Young Thug shared a conversation between the two on Instagram where Chance was urging Thugger to premiere their new track together on SoundCloud. “I’m ready now!” Chance says to Thug excitedly before suggesting “We should drop on SoundCloud.”

Thug took the advice, and next thing you know, “Big B’s” by Thug and Chano is on Chance’s SoundCloud page for the world to enjoy. It’s a smart move too, as Chance’s official page has nearly three times as many followers as Thug’s. So there it is folks, SoundCloud is alive and well.