A Fan Tried To Sell Childish Gambino’s Half-Smoked Blunt From Coachella On Ebay For $1000

Getty Image

Fans often try to sell some wild artist memorabilia but perhaps no wilder item has appeared for sale in recent memory than Childish Gambino’s discarded blunt from Coachella. During his spectacular Friday night set, Gambino — aka Donald Glover — was seen sharing a blunt with a fan in the crowd before returning to stage duties and entertaining the assembled crowd with a bit more of his “Summertime Magic.” Before the weekend was up, the half-smoked butt of the blunt had its own listing on Ebay, with the poster pushing for a whopping $1000 price tag. Fortunately, @hasitleaked caught a screenshot before the listing was removed, which you can see below.

Naturally, there would have been absolutely no way to prove the authenticity of the item in question or approve the sale, but you have to admire the sheer temerity of whoever listed it. First of all, selling drugs online is a federal offense, so there’s that. But the poster at least made sure to do their research, describing the item in detail: “The blunt that Childish Gambino passed to a fan wearing a green shirt!” reads the description section. Since the whole performance streamed live on Coachella’s Youtube, it’s pretty unlikely that whomever that fan was is really the poster or that the posted blunt in question is the same blunt from the performance, but hey, there’s a sucker born every minute. Fortunately for all the suckers out there, Ebay took down the posting before anyone could get scammed.

Of course, some lucky fans did walk away with some pretty nifty souvenirs. Gambino AirDropped a photo of some Adidas sneakers to random fans which allowed them to exchange a voucher for the super exclusive real things. Meanwhile, for those of us unlucky enough to be stuck at home during Coachella, there was still Guava Island, his musical short film with Rihanna, which was free to stream for the first 18 hours after its initial release.