Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Adorably Announced That They’re Having A Second Child

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it's john's!

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It was a little over two years ago that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend took to Instagram to announce they were expecting their first child with a heartfelt message and a photo of the doting couple in outright glee. Now, they’re pregnant again, and this time the announcement was much briefer –and more adorable– thanks to some help from their daughter Luna.

In a post playfully captioned “It’s John’s!” Chrissy asks her daughter “What’s in here?” and the toddler excitedly replies “Baby!” before pulling Chrissy’s shirt up to reveal a baby bump.

It’s yet another online win for the social media queen, and a win in real life for the couple who always seem to be living their best lives. The pair was spotted this weekend at a Laker game, and though they had, like, the greatest seats possible, Chrissy spent her time courtside enjoying her Nintendo Switch and some Super Mario Odyssey. It wasn’t quite as legendary as her Super Bowl experience, but it’s pretty close.

So the Legends — or, more formally, the Stephens — are expecting, and maybe this time their new addition will look like that baby online that everybody swears is either John’s long lost child or baby John time traveling.

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