Chrissy Teigen Trolling John Legend With The Arthur Meme Is The Best Thing On Twitter Today

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Simply put, Chrissy Teigen gets it. She knows how to enjoy herself and be a normal human being despite being uber-famous and married to an uber-famous man. Most of the time the window into Chrissy’s normalcy is Twitter and Instagram, a couple social media platforms she’s simply mastered. Whether she’s feuding with Floyd Mayweather over a tiger, or enjoying the Drake and Meek Mill beef she’s always authentic and hilarious.

Basically by osmosis, her husband John Legend has joined the fray, and while he’s had his own moments of social media hilarity he’s still no match for his better half. Take for instance the idea floating around that John looks like Arthur, the titular character from the PBS cartoon. This has been around for a while because, well, he kind of does bear an uncanny resemblance to the animated aardvark.

So, with a couple so active on Twitter it’s only natural that, much like that John Legend Baby, the word would eventually get back to John and Chrissy. John has yet to respond, because what can he really say, but Chrissy took the opportunity to shoot a little dig at her husband in the best way possible: With an Arthur meme.

Arthur memes are some of the greatest gold the internet has to offer, and the balled up fist one might be the best ever. It’s just more social media mastery from the super model mom and social media maven.