City Girls’ First Single From Their Upcoming ‘Girl Code’ Album Is One You Can Definitely ‘Twerk’ To

The first single from City Girls’ upcoming album Girl Code> is here and it sticks to their racy, raucous formula. It’s called “Twerk,” so watch it here instead of Googling for it at work and having to explain a few things when your boss walks by and sees what’s on your monitor.

JT and Young Miami used the stay on JT’s prison sentence well, recording enough new Miami bounce party rap to fill an entire project with songs. At the same time, they were able to shoot videos for a bunch of their Period singles, ensuring they’d maintain their buzz while half of their duo remained locked up for the next year or so. JT is due for release sometime in 2020, but if she keeps her nose clean, Coach and Pee, the founders of Quality Control Music, should have her home early, reunited with her partner and labelmates and ready to take over the streets.

With “Twerk” as its lead single, it looks like Girl Code is off to a strong start. Both girls sound sharp as they reel off their usual litany of player do’s and don’ts and let the sampled hook tell you exactly what to do when the beat drops. Expect this one to tear the clubs up, sending weaves, wigs, and yes, backsides flying. Check it out above.

Girl Code is due November 16 via Quality Control/Motown/Capitol.

Quality Control