Clams Casino Taps Kelela To Show He’s Only ‘A Breath Away’

Clams Casino is back with some very somber production on the Kelela assisted “A Breath Away.” The song is most certainly “mood music” of the highest order as it embraces a minimalist style of production while Kelela’s breathless whispers float easily over the musical backdrop. As she waxes poetic about the downfalls of relationships, this one is sure to force up old memories of exes past for listeners. It’s probably safer to listen to this song during the day, therefore fighting the urge to send out any “hey stranger” texts.

“A Breath Away” is the fourth single from Clams’ 32 Levels, which is set to be released July 15th. The third single was the Vince Staples-led “All Nite,” which recently received a visual treatment. Lil B, who provided the inspiration for the album’s title, released “Can I Get a Witness” in June and Clams officially announced 32 Levels with the video for “Blast.”

(Via NPR)