Cleveland Reporters Can Barely Contain Their Joy As They Learn Of The Cavs Win Live On Air

Finally, after 52 years across all of their major sports teams, Cleveland has a champion. To think, 52 years across baseball, football and basketball — 156 sports seasons and thousands of games played, all without winning. Now, it’s over. Of course, some say Cleveland’s Stipe Miocic winning the UFC heavyweight title was the end of the drought, but others believe he just nudged the curse, weakened it, so it could be ready to shatter under the weight of Lebron James’ greatness.

Imagine being from Cleveland, hoping and waiting for this moment. The three of these newscasters probably lived their entire lives without seeing a championship parade. Now here they are, in a video from Deadspin, talking about the first day of summer then visibly and audibly choking up as the news comes: The Cavs won the title. They can barely hold back their joy as the conversation shifts from the heat to the celebration that’s taking over the entire city.

While the studio waited (and likely followed along as they did their usual jobs), FOX had cameras waiting in Akron, Lebron James’ hometown. The mood, obviously, was ecstatic. Imagine what the cameras would’ve caught had the Cavs not made history and didn’t come back from a 3-1 deficit to win it all?

(Via Deadspin)