‘Lord Willin’ 14 Years Later: Ranking The Best Verses From Clipse’s Debut Album

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For years, the general consensus has been that Malice was a far better rapper than Pusha T from the outset. I’ve even argued as much, making the point that Pusha was the weaker sibling until We Got It for Cheap: Vol. 2, where his ascent as the better half coincided with Malice backing off from rap due to his religion. Even Pusha once alluded to his brother being the better of the two in an interview with Vice.

“He just came into my room and gave me his book that he wrote,” Pusha T said. “And I was like, ‘Wow, okay, so now you wrote a book.’ And in my mind, I’m just thinking, ‘As my older brother, you know I can’t write no book, like you’re just trying to stunt on me once again or do something you know I can’t do.”

Today, for the 14th anniversary of the classic album Lord Willin’, I thought it’d be fun to revisit and answer the question of which Thorton brother had the most impressive verse on each track. I went through each song and picked out who had the best verse and what my favorite lines. The overall winner is located at the end of the article and the answer may surprise you.

1. “Intro”

Best Thornton: Pusha T

Best lines: “Playas we ain’t the same, I’m into ‘caine and guns/Chopard with the fishes, make the face lift numb”

First impressions are long-lasting and the younger Thornton brother immediately stole the show on the album’s intro. Pusha might be the younger brother but he rapped with the steez of a veteran who has zero fear of his older sibling. His verse oozes a confidence that Malice just doesn’t match.

2. “Young Boy”

Best Thornton: Malice

Best lines“See in my household it was quite unique/Playing hide and seek you might find a key”

Malice’s storytelling wins this one. The visual of a kid playing hide and seek and actually find a kilo of cocaine is as descriptive as it is hilarious. Gene schooled Pusha on some of the finer points of nuance and painting pictures.

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