Common Nature “Tomorrow And Forever” Ad Campaign

04.01.14 4 years ago

Created in 2012 by New York City native Salcedo, Common Nature’s creative aim has been set on redefining and refining men’s street wear: merging urban taste with the elegance of high-fashion. True to its roots, Common Nature manufactures its pieces in New York City’s garment district and draws inspiration from urban culture of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Today, collections includes classic street wear—hoodies, sweaters, tees, button ups, and tailored joggers—all elevated to fit in with luxury and black-tie attire, a controversial feat. The brand focuses on simplicity and elegance, yet draws from avant-garde and high-end couture: integrating expert tailoring, use of high quality fabrics, and immense attention to detail with a minimalist street style. As its name implies, Common Nature seeks to embody the effortless or common, and transform it into luxury—an oxymoron birthed on the streets of New York and nursed by the innovation of the 80’s.

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