Cousin Stizz Shows How Fast Life Can Move On ‘500 Horses’

Cousin Stizz dropped a new single in promotion for upcoming album MONDA. Backed by a haunting beat from Lil Rich, Stizz flexes his muscles with a seemingly never-ending flow and top notch breath control.

“Got these b*tches surf/turf, wet as levies
Now she looking for love like it’s February
You can check my first word, very scary
Always legendary, never secondary
To the game I’m married, I gave all my heart
To the money cuz the paper never petty
Hope they don’t forget me when I’m gone
When I do, I hope hell or heaven have some Henny”

That’s just a sample portion. “500 Horses” is filled with bars of this caliber. It also can’t be understand how strong Stizz’s flow is, as it’s clearly one of the beast weapons in his tool belt. The hazy backdrop is a great complement to the lyrics and, if the Boston native has more tracks like this lined up, he might find himself a household name sooner rather than later.

MONDA is set to be released in July.