Cyhi The Prince Met ‘The God’ Nas While He Was In Miami With Kanye

For all of the bravado rampant in rap, it’s always cool to see rhymers pay homage to each other. As much as everyone wants to flout themselves as the best, that title wouldn’t mean anything if the previous best rappers weren’t so gifted. That’s why it’s nice to see Cyhi salute Nas, who’s always one of the most respected artists in the game. Nas surely influenced Cyhi, even in Georgia. Cyhi aspired for top-tier lyricism throughout his No Dope On Sundays album, which was one of the top rap albums of 2017. He probably let Nas know how much he had to do with that mindset when he met him for the first time in Miami.

“Man yesterday I got to meet one of my biggest inspirations,” Cyhi posted on Instagram. He also affirmed that “if it wasn’t for Nas I wouldn’t be here today,” before shouting out Kanye for “inviting him to meet the GOD.” It’s somewhat surprising given Cyhi’s connection to Kanye that he’s only just now meeting Nas, but he can still thank Ye for the connection.

In other news, some may wonder what exactly Kanye and Cyhi are doing in Miami. Last year Cyhi said that Kanye was working feverishly on music for GOOD roster, but we haven’t heard much from those sessions yet. Kanye will be executive producing new GOOD signee Valee’s GOOD Job, You Found Me EP.