DaBaby And BlocBoy JB’s Hilarious ‘Mini Van’ Video Proves You Should Never Buy A Car From Them

If there’s a big takeaway from from DaBaby and BlocBoy JB‘s side-splitting “Mini Van” video, it’s to never try to buy a motor vehicle from the two rappers — or at the very least, to keep your girl far away from the sale. In the video, directed by Reel Goats, not only do they try to scam their buyer into purchasing a piece on junk on wheels, they flirt with his partner behind his back, with typically adulterous results.

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, DaBaby has started to build a buzz based on the wacky nature of his music videos, which always seem to feature an absurd premise and show off his off-kilter, ’90s-era Busta Rhymes-style sense of humor. For instance, in the video for “Walker Texas Ranger” he dropped on New Year’s day (also directed by Reel Goats), he dons a cowboy hat and acts out his colorful lyrics from behind the wheel of a pickup truck driving through a desert landscape.

Meanwhile, BlocBoy is also becoming a bigger star by the day after his “Look Alive” video featured Drake doing his trademark “Shoot” dance — a dance he’s now suing the creators of the Fortnite video game over. Whether or not he manages to win that suit, between his debut album Simi and his gift for music video hilarity, he’s well on the way to being as famous as his trademark dance.