Lil Wayne’s Label ‘Forced’ Damian Lillard To Remove Weezy From His New Album


Lil Wayne’s label woes have been a self-contained wound for the most part. But now, it appears his label woes are bleeding over to others who try to work with him.

Dame D.O.L.L.A., the rapper also known as NBA star Damian Lillard, released his new album last Friday called The Letter O. On a project boasting a few big name features, one of the special guests was Lil Wayne, who probably still ranks as a dream collaboration to aspiring MCs when it comes to their wish list of features. Lillard was

“Unfortunately, I am being forced to remove Lil Wayne from #TheLetterO track ‘Loyal to the Soil,'” the rapper-hooper wrote in an Instagram post published on Tuesday. “Despite my agreement with Wayne, his parent label is forcing me to remove him.”

Currently, the full album is still available for streaming in its entirety on Spotify, but “Loyal to the Soil” appears as a thirty-second snippet instead of a full version of the song like the other eleven cuts. The song’s removal is a blow considering it current appears to be the most popular track on the project, according to iTunes.

You almost have to wonder what went wrong here? Wayne’s legal battle with Cash Money has been going on for a while now. But, he did a whole project with 2 Chainz that released without any hiccups. He’s also done features for the likes of Jeezy (“Bout That“), Solange (“Mad”) and Ariana Grande (“Let Me Love You“), so the label is clearing him to appear on other artist’s music.

As such, maybe Lillard and company worked out an arrangement with Wayne but not Universal and/or Cash Money, which may be a costly but still simple fix. Let’s hope all parties can get the paperwork sorted so “Loyal” can stay on the LP.