Dave Chappelle Honors His ‘Good Friend’ Charlie Murphy At A John Mayer Concert

Charlie Murphy was an acclaimed stand-up comedian who starred in numerous movies and TV shows, including CB4 and The Boondocks, but he’s probably best known for his work on Chappelle’s Show. In fact, his name is right in the title of one the show’s most legendary skit: “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Prince.” (Also worth noting is how his bit on Rick James ignited the True Hollywood Stories genre.) So after hours after learning the 57-year-old Murphy tragically passed away on Wednesday after battling leukemia, Dave Chappelle honored his buddy during a John Mayer concert in Ohio.

“Today, I got some terrible news,” Chappelle said. “My good friend, Charlie Murphy, passed away this morning, and everybody in comedy is heartbroken.” After reminiscing about working with Murphy on Chappelle’s Show, the usually-private comedian called Mayer a “sight for sore eyes” on such an emotional day. He then joined the “Love On The Weekend” singer for a performance of “You’re Gonna Live Forever On Me,” which reminded him of “my friend Charlie Murphy — our friend Charlie Murphy.” The song goes:

Life is full of sweet mistakes
And love’s an honest one to make
Time leaves no fruit on the tree

But you’re gonna live forever in me
I guarantee, it’s just meant to be

“Rest in peace, Charlie Murphy,” Chappelle said. “We love you, we love your comedy, we love your stories, and we love your spirit.”