Dave East Reminisces About Street Dreams On ‘Stove Top’

Dave East has been a busy man. He just finished up his two month Hate Me Now tour. He’s released a steady stream of content within the last few months including “Do It for the Streets” with G Herbo, a collaboration with BJ the Chicago Kid on “Hold Me Down,” and he set fire to Kodak’s Black “Skrilla” instrumental with his “Deposits” video. To say Dave East is a good rapper would be severely understating his skill-set. He’s a beacon of light for people who still appreciate New York’s hardcore approach to street rap.

It’s that approach to street music that shows up on the Buda and Grandz-produced “Stove Top.” True to the song’s title, Dave is full go mode here, rapping about street tales so vividly.

I got my mask on in the kitchen
Caught a cramp in my wrist from the whippin’
He acting nervous ’round the game? I bet he snitchin’
If he don’t end up in the dirt he with the fishes
Cocaine cooking on the stove top
But you can smell it through the whole house
Streets got my heart cold like an old house
Sky Dweller rolly with the gold mouth

Dave hits all the requisite check marks as the song is the sort of quality listeners expect from the East Harlem emcee. He sounds confident, in fully control of his emceeing abilities, and it’s clear that all the work he’s been putting in on the music tip is paying dividends.

“Stove Top” is the new single for his Kairi Chanel mixtape, which is slated for a release at some point this month.