DeAndre Jordan Jokingly Claims He’d ‘Come Off The Bench’ If Chris Bosh Comes To The Clippers

Chris Bosh’s career in Miami is effectively over after he failed a physical before the start of training camp. Despite our own overtures to get him to retire because of his dangerous blood clotting, the two-time champion and future Hall of Famer continues to fight for a return to the court. On Tuesday, Bosh made it clear in his Uninterrupted finale, he’s still wholly committed to a hardwood return.

Maybe he’s got a future in Los Angeles?

TMZ caught up with Clippers center DeAndre Jordan to ask him about Bosh, and DJ was pretty understanding, even offering to come off the bench if Bosh decided to play for Doc Rivers.

“He’s a native Texan, and I wish him well,” Jordan said to the videographer while he was waiting for his entourage to pile into this car. When asked what Bosh should do, DJ waited for a sec before offering up this gem with a chuckle:

“I think he should come to the Clippers.”

When pressed, DJ reiterated as much with a “hell yeah,” before adding, “I’d come off the bench,” when asked how that would work.

Chris Bosh isn’t going to the Clippers. He’s still owed $75 million over the next three years with the Heat, unless they work out some sort of buyout, which we wouldn’t put past him; his reluctance to retire isn’t really tied to the money, which is guaranteed regardless of what he does.

While it was a fun-loving comment from DJ in support of his NBA peer, it’s still just a joke.

Unfortunately, Bosh’s reluctance to retire isn’t in jest, we really hope he stays healthy no matter what happens. If he plays, we’ll pray the life-threatening element of that decision doesn’t come to fruition.