Def Jam’s First Ever Subway Tour 5/8 – 5/9

05.07.07 11 years ago 2 Comments

Def Jam’s promo geniuses Young Sav and Steve O are taking Hip-Hop
marketing to another level, using their venture, Best of Both Offices,
to promote artists.

Starting with Jermaine Dupri’s new artist, Hot Dollar, Young Sav and
Steve O will launch ‘The Subway Tour,’ a unique program taking the

during the times that kids go to school and get out of school.
The artist will have the opportunity to interact with the students and
also give away real single dollar bills with Hot Dollar’s name
engraved on it from a black sharpie. The 1,000 bills will either be
spent or kept but it will build the buzz for the artist.

Young Sav and Steve O also plan on issuing free rides to commuters out
of High school courtesy of Hot Dollar

Check for them on the subway:

– Tuesday, May 8: 7a-9a on lines #1, #2, #4

– Wednesday, May 9: 2p-6p on lines #N, #Q, #A and #C

– Broadway junction stop as well New York subways

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