This Fan Left Dell Curry Hanging On The Dap, Then Dabbed In His Face After Game 7

Sunday wasn’t the best day of Dell Curry’s life. He had to watch the Warriors lose Game 7 of the Finals at home, a series in which his son largely struggled after a record-setting MVP season. Being there for that was bad enough on its own. Then, after the game, he suffered the indignity of being faked out by a high-five from a fan and had the misfortune of having it captured on video, preserved forever. And on Father’s Day, too.

A little girl did something similar with Dwight Howard in March, so this isn’t unprecedented. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a pretty small thing to happen to Dell. But it’s emblematic of the rest of the night — Steph’s Warriors came this close to capping off the greatest season in NBA history with their second consecutive title, only to have it snatched away from them in the closing minutes of the game. Dell, likewise, thought he was at least going to get high-fived by a fan who appreciated his support throughout the year, but nope. Not happening.

There’s no confirmation as to whether or not Dell was wearing the Curry 2 Lows, aka the “Air Left Hanging On a High 5’s.”