Desiigner’s ‘Liife’ With Gucci Mane Might Be Just What He Needs To Kickstart His Next Run

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Desiigner’s run in the limelight has been a fascinating combination of peaks and valleys as he struck quadruple-platinum with his debut single, thanks to some help from Kanye West. But in the year and change since he released the track — and Kanye repurposed it for The Life Of Pablo — has struggled to match that accomplishment, or really get any close. That much is to be expected, four platinum plaques don’t come easy, but Desiigner has been doing his best to show the world he’s no one-hit wonder and his latest single might be just what he needs to kick off the second period of relevance in his career.

The Brooklyn MC randomly dropped his newest track “Liife” on Monday night and it came with a special guest that fits like a glove: Gucci Mane. Produced by Taz Taylor and CashMoney AP, Desiigner kicks things of with his typical, frenetic and off-kilter flow, but paces the song with a melodic and hypnotic chorus before handing the baton to Guwop. The Atlanta legend takes a more measured approach to the serene production, and the drums even take a break as Gucci gets going just to help set the stage.

Yeah, he still kind of sounds like Future, but quality like this is exactly what Desiigner will need in spades to get people excited about his forthcoming debut The Life of Desiigner now that all the “Panda” buzz has died all the way down.

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