Desiigner’s New Collaboration ‘All Around The World’ With Mura Masa Is A Melancholy Expedition

Desiigner is a typically charged-up, animated and altogether joyful presence. Have you seen that video of him touring an aquarium? Amazing. For this new collaboration with U.K. producer Mura Masa however, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper comes back down to Earth for a melancholy-tinged expedition around the globe.

The mood of the song is a decidedly somber. In it, Desiigner raps about his high speed, fast-paced lifestyle. “I drink out and go to Beamers / Lord I need it, Lord I need it, Lord I need it / Got them mad ’cause I drill and they all defeated / I be ridin’, keep sayin’, / Lord, ’cause I need it / Lord I need it, Lord I need it, Lord I need it / ‘Cause he help me come back from all my demons.”

Mura Masa talked to Complex about how the track came together. “Originally we sent him the beat and he kind of sent it back. I think he thought it was an EDM thing and he sort of had to do ad-libs over it. There were no verses. There were no lyrics. It was just him…I kind of had to dialogue with him, just carefully kind of persuade him in a traditional structure that he doesn’t really do.”

You can listen to “All Around The World” below.