DJ Premier Remixes Desiigner’s ‘Timmy Turner’ With A Familiar ‘South Park’ Sample

08.30.16 3 years ago


“As a DJ, when a song is poppin,’ one thing we do is remix it.”

For months, fans anticipated the release of Desiigner’s XXL Freshman freestyle-turned single “Timmy Turner.” When the Mike Dean-produced record finally came to fruition, the feedback was unanimously positive. Now, before the record could fade from the spotlight, the illustrious DJ Premier has to decided to add his own touch to the Brooklyn rapper’s street single.

While the original came across layered with low-ends, bass-warps and massive switch-ups, the “Preemix” is more minimalistic across the board, featuring no more than ten stems in his whole production. Still, Primo did add some playfulness to the sparse mix, using a familiar sample from South Park as the hook, making the record much less grim.

In reality, this remix is completely different than the original, offering a perspective many Hip-Hop heads might prefer over the original. That is, if they can get past the fact Gangstarr’s legendary producer is clearly not using a real acapella and more than likely sampling the same Youtube acapella every other producer used to make fake versions of the original, before it dropped.

Oh, and anyone thinking Primo is sampling Timmy from South Park to throw shade at Desiigner, the world-renown DJ has already thrown that notion out the window.

Listen to the full remix below and let us know which version you prefer.

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