Desiigner’s Salmon-Colored Suit Won The VMAs Red Carpet

Leave it to Desiigner to upstage everyone at the VMAs. In a night full of stars and personalities, only the “Panda” rapper could steal the show without really saying a damn thing — at least nothing that anyone could identify.

The G.O.O.D. rapper showed up to the red carpet wearing what can only be described as the sweetest salmon-colored suit seen since Miami Vice was on the air. Desiigner completed the look by going sans shirt, chest-hair showing, jewelry glistening from his neck to his wrists and a pair of brown and mustard-dipped hard bottoms.

Getty Image

But things only got better when he was asked to freestyle. Maybe he was hyper than usual and couldn’t gather his composer because Desiigner couldn’t find a single damn word to spit. He mainly just uttered ad-libs that may have been words but they sounded a lot more like grunts. Most rappers would be discouraged by catching a brain freeze in that situation, but not Desiigner. Nothing could turn down the 19-year-old’s exuberance — or his wonderfully vibrant suit — as he enjoyed his first VMAs. Whether he wins a Moonman or not, chances are the “Timmy Timmy Turner” MC will celebrate the night as if it was the greatest of his life without a doubt.

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