Ten Other Rappers Who Should (Or Maybe Shouldn’t) Try To Buy An NFL Team Like Diddy

12.19.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

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As the highest paid musician of 2017, Diddy has some money laying around, burning a hole in his silk pockets. So it wasn’t terribly surprising that shortly after the current Carolina Panthers owner said he wanted to put his team up for sale, Diddy expressed what seems like serious interest in becoming an NFL owner.

He’s already making some big plans for the team: Most notably, he says he’ll sign Colin Kaepernick and give him a legitimate shot at becoming the team’s starting quarterback. (We’ll see how Cam Newton takes the news, if this ever comes close to reality). But this got us thinking: What would it be like if some other rappers decided they wanted to own an NFL team too, and actually pulled it off? We imagined what a few of these scenarios would look like, and while a lot of the outcomes are bleak, some are positive, and all of them are fun to daydream about.

Snoop Dogg Buys The Oakland Raiders

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Snoop Dogg would immediately make headlines as Raiders owner, as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would complain about the “strong stench of cannabis” during their first meeting. His proposal to add a blunt to the mouth of the Raiders logo is rejected by the commissioner, but spawns unlicensed apparel that even he is seen wearing. CBS and FOX cameras make it a point to shift the camera to his owner’s box during games, which commentators awkwardly note is often “cloudy.” During his first year, the Raiders’ roster is bolstered by talented outcasts from other teams who were cut due to drug violations. They go 16-0 and win the Super Bowl, and a picture of him shaking Goodell’s hands with lazy, red eyes goes viral.

After the first year however, he’d soon divide the Raiders’ rabid fan base, frequently changing coaches because he wants the team to run a different style from year to year. Some fans would wish for him to sell the team, while others would reference his first year success and deify him regardless. All the while, he and player-owner Marshawn Lynch travel the world, oblivious to the criticisms. –-Andre Gee

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