Diddy Pleads With NFL Players To Take A Stand ‘In Unity’ Against Donald Trump

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09.23.17 4 Comments

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As usual, Donald Trump has caused a firestorm with a few off the cuff comments and now it seems like he has everybody in the world of sports against him. After calling protesting NFL players “son of a bitch,” Trump doubled down by calling out Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry for declining a traditional visit to the White House for the NBA Champions.

Trump’s comments were so poorly received the NFL and NBA players are condemning him in unity, and even Roger Goodell released a statement admonishing Trump and his “divisive” comments and “lack of respect” for the NFL and NFL players.

Now, one huge name in entertainment is pleading with NFL players to take a stand against Trump in a powerful show of strength, as the one and only Diddy took to Instagram to send his message directly to all NFL players.

“I just want to send some blessings and some support to all of the players in the NFL,” he said in a minute-long video. “My message to y’all — even though you ain’t asking, so please receive it because I rarely give ’em in this way — y’all got a chance to do something really, really, really, really, really great tomorrow. If y’all do whatever you do in unity, you can’t be stopped. Just do the math, man. Do the math. Stick together and stand up for each other. Believe, we all we got. It has nothing to do with football, or business, y’all are our stars. Y’all represent us, y’all are our strong heroes. So, show that strength, please.”

While there may already be something in the works before Diddy made his voice heard, it’s quite the ringing endorsement and encouragement from one of entertainment’s biggest names. Check out Diddy’s full video below.

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