Diddy Went Full Simon Cowell And Made A Singer Cry On The First Episode Of ‘The Four’

Music News Editor

After flip-flopping on the issue, Diddy recently announced that he’s actually changing his name to “Love.” Based on the first episode of Fox’s new singing competition show The Four, though, it’s the tough kind of love that Diddy believes in.

From the very first episode, it appears that Diddy is taking on the Simon Cowell role, that of the no-nonsense critic who will speak his mind even if what results isn’t what you were hoping to hear. Case in point: One of last night’s episode’s competitors was Valentina (full name Valentina Cytrynowicz), who, as she notes in her introduction package, was hailed by Vogue in 2016 as a “rising pop star.” After her performance, though, Diddy was not on the same page as Vogue, saying, “I think that it’s a cold, cruel world out here, and the truth will set you free. And I have to always speak the truth: I didn’t like it one bit. I think that you could do better.”

This made Valentina teary-eyed, and after some interjections from his fellow judges (DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor, and Charlie Walk, who all praised Valentina’s performance), he continued, “What are we here to do? We’re here to take somebody’s spot, and you have to deliver a great performance in order to get that. It just wasn’t a great performance.”

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